What exhaust systems can you ceramic coat?
We can ceramic coat exhaust manifolds, pipes, turbos, silencers and catalysts made of mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, inconel and titanium.

What is the normal turnaround?
Our normal turnaround is only 2 -3 working days.

I need my parts quickly, do you offer an Express Service? 
We have the capability and infrastructure to offer a premium service with the option of same day, next day and 48 hour turnaround of virtually any component. Contact our sales specialist here

Do you do one-off jobs?
One-off jobs for individuals and companies are welcome. Please contact us to discuss

How much does it cost?
Our coatings are competitively priced and our proven in real-world applications. Remember to factor in longevity, fitting time, performance when comparing our product to the competition.

Can I have a quotation?
Why not e-mail or fax us your requirements, along with an image, sketch or drawing. We will be pleased to quote by return. Alternatively, please call one of our specialists who will be happy to advise the best solution for you. Contact our sales specialist here

What colours are available?
The standard finish is a creamy white colour but we can apply a range of colour finishes to suit your requirements. Contact our sales specialist here

Can I pay by credit card?
Payment for one-off orders and rapid turnaround initial orders can be made by credit card, cheque or bank transfer

Can I open an account?
If you use our service on a regular basis you are welcome to apply for a customer account. We will fax you the relevant paperwork, which will include a request for trade references and company details. A credit reference agency will be used to assess your application.

Do you attend exhibitions?
Yes, we attend the main motorsport and classic car shows.

For more info. please do not hesitate to call / WhatsApp us at 6012-9077679 or email to jason@ceramicocoating.com

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